Wikileaks – investigative journalism or abuse of power?

CLAIRE FITZPATRICK: For the past year and a half, WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange has been granted political asylum in Ecuador’s London Embassy as he faces extradition to the US on charges arising from the publication of thousands of leaked secret documents by US Army solider Bradley Manning. (Sydney Morning Herald. 2013) During the … [Read More...]

The exploitation of women: How it still exists in Australia

SARAH BRIGDEN: The phrase “exploitation of women” conjures up images of sex slavery, poverty and misery – unfortunately, still the experience of many women in Third World countries. However, I want to examine this topic as it relates to Australia, because the exploitation of women occurs in many forms and is still very much present in our … [Read More...]

Simple ways to get the TV shows you want

Daniel Schultz: It’s time to vote but not in the way you think. As we all get ready to judge and play out our democratic role by selecting the next leader of the country, I thought I’d take a moment to raise other important ways we can affect our world with votes. As an audience we should use our … [Read More...]

Labor – the party for women?

JAMES DREW: The Prime Minister's Women for Gillard campaign should be called out for what it is: a shameless, hypocritical stunt. In a feat of logic-defying verbal acrobatics, the PM recently claimed Labor was the saviour of women and the only party which would put their needs first. At the campaign launch in Sydney, Julia Gillard warned of an … [Read More...]

New Orleans – The food, the music, the culture

ANGELA RANKE: New Orleans - they call it the Big Easy - and you can see why. It's 6 o'clock on a Sunday evening and Bourbon St is rocking. Swinging to the beat like only a city with attitude can. The human circus is in full throttle. Act number 1: a human statue walking his dog across the street. Down the street, it's more of the same, hip … [Read More...]

Los Angeles – the city full of contradictions and paradoxes

ANGELA RANKE: "Lose weight, take diet pills!" the TV screams. But they'll serve you a meal that could feed a family and pack everything full of sugar. The same loud mouthed woman who leaves you grinding your teeth will go out of her way to give you directions. Look it up on her phone and everything. Want advice? Don't ask . Someone on the train … [Read More...]

10 reasons behind Australia’s love/hate relationship with Bernard Tomic

CHRISTINE BARTON: Lately, it feels like every time I hear words come out of Bernard Tomic’s mouth, my immediate reaction is “What a knob!”. But then I actually sit down and watch him play a game of tennis and I can’t help but marvel at just how talented and fit the young Australian sportsman really is. Then he starts talking again and the vicious … [Read More...]